Your ebsite - viewed by your customers in their preferred language


Add this ONE LINE of code to the bottom of each page you want translated
<script src=''></script>

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We convert the following:
  • PDF Converter
  • WORD Converter
  • CSV Converter
  • PPT Converter
  • ODP Converter
  • XLS Converter
  • XML Converter
  • DOCX Converter
  • ODS Converter
  • RTF Converter
  • DOC Converter
  • PPTX Converter
  • XLS Converter
  • ODT Converter
  • XLSX Converter
  • TEXT Converter
  • TXT Converter

Not Translate

If you do not want a phrase ( or page ) translated, surround that text with: <!-- NOtr --> .... <!-- NOtrEND -->

Customize Flags Placement

We place Flags ( the ability of YOUR users to see YOUR webpage in THEIR language) at the bottom of THE FIRST PAGE
To customize the location of ther Flags, place this where you want the flags to show:
<div id="trFlags"></div>

Javascript or JQuery edits required

The browser is activated before Jit-TR, meaning that all Javascript is loaded and cannot change
You need to create "hidden divs" and use innerHTML

       <!-- Constants used elsewhere -->
       <div style="display:none">
         <div id="success">Success</div>
         <div id="fail">Oops!</div>
       <script>alert( document.getElementById("success").innerHTML )</script>
       <script>alert( $("#fail").htm() )</script>

JQuery edits required

Add translate_snippet - valid html only
$.post({url:"YOUR_AJAX_FILE" ...
   success:function(data) {
$.post({url:"YOUR_AJAX_FILE" ...
   success:function(data) {
      translate_snippet(data,(translated) => {
          $("#demo").html( translated ); }
} )